Aluminium And Glass Railings Conception, Manufacture and Installation


Clear and precise propositions

With its design office situated directly in the factory, Ramp-Art offer architects a complete range of services. Upon reception of the plans, our team aims to quickly give the right recommendation respecting all applicable norms and meeting everyone’s expectations.

Customized solutions

For more complex cases, development of tailored railing systems is one of Ramp-Art’s key advantages. Be it by using existing products of by starting from scratch, our engineers will be able to offer a solution suiting your needs.

Field measurements for maximum precision

For every single project Ramp-Art is involved in, our team go to the construction site in order to get field measurements. Be it by hand or by using the most recent technologies, this approach allows us to make sure our railings will fit the balconies perfectly and that the installation will be carried out without problems.



Ramp-Art’s aluminium and glass railings are a 100% conceived and manufactured in Québec with top quality materials. Our suppliers are cautiously chosen and benefit from industry leaders reputations. This approach allows Ramp-Art to make sure its products meet strict quality standards at every step of the production and to respect its engagement of offering best in class products ensuring users’ safety.


In the province of Quebec

By using its own installation teams, Ramp-Art controls its products’ quality until the very end of the process. With nearly 30 years of field experience, we know all about pitfalls of on site project management and can meet expected delays without cost overruns.

Elsewhere in North America

Now looking to expand its activities beyond Québec’s borders, Ramp-Art is looking for distributors and installers for its railing systems in Ontario and Northeastern United States. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.